quEAR! 2015 presented ECHOS+NETZE

quEAR! organized this amazing soundfestival in 2015. Thank you to all our participants, supporters and all our guests:


This time the festival was not in summer but in autumn: We presented queer audioinstallations, audios and workshops from Nov 20th to 22nd in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg.

There we made the old chapel of Bethanien trembling. We were spinning nets and we provoked echoes. With sounds and installations, rotating loudspeakers, heartthrobs, watermusic, babel and a really fine pink noise!

quEAR! schmoozed with ECHOS+NETZE the majority and listened to the echoes, which were generated by that. Our heart was the big chappel in the old hospital Bethanien. Workshops, audios und a live radiotransmission took place.

All infos about the artists, our support and the radio you will get here:

echosundnetze on facebook

We’re happy if you will join in further events of quEAR! Write to info [at] quear.org.

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