quEAR! is starting with PASSING SOUNDS the 4. Trans*tonale Ohrenfest in Berlin 2019! We are looking forward to your contribution. PASSING SOUNDS will take place in an exhibition three months at a fixed place in Berlin. During this period there will be organized live-events at different places in Berlin. From there we will broadcast the event. Every week a new sound sculpture at a new place in Berlin will be installed and be presented in the radio. Subsequently this installation will be presented the weeks after in the sound-exhibition. Therefore the installation should be mobile and related to the place. The artists are choosing their places related to queer issues in Berlin.

entry deadline for the call ist April 1st 2018!

We are looking forward to your concrete ideas and drafts: info at!

CALLS for Download:


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Audiolounge at Lange DFS Nacht

As part of the Berlin Network Against Discrimination in the Scene DFS this year we accompanied the workshop-day in the Aquarium in Berlin Kreuzberg with our Audio-Lounge. Out of queer ears sounds against the daily madness, racism, sexism, homo- and trans*phobia were audible. you could listen into proven audios of our soundfestivals.

quEAR! listening and discussing, with coffee and tea, snacks and cakes from Tristezza. Brilliant!

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quEAR! for You in Marburg 2016

quEAR! for You – in Marburg/Lahn. From january 15th-17th we presented fine selected audios from our festivals 2011-2015 during the Marburger performance festival “Für Dich Für Dich Für Dich” in the cinema Trauma, which was designed by us as a queer listening room. Que(e)r sounds you also could hear on earphones in the bar and on the toilettes. quEAR! went Marburg: Für Dich Für Dich Für Dich.

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quEAR! 2015 presented ECHOS+NETZE

quEAR! organized this amazing soundfestival in 2015. Thank you to all our participants, supporters and all our guests:


This time the festival was not in summer but in autumn: We presented queer audioinstallations, audios and workshops from Nov 20th to 22nd in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg.

There we made the old chapel of Bethanien trembling. We were spinning nets and we provoked echoes. With sounds and installations, rotating loudspeakers, heartthrobs, watermusic, babel and a really fine pink noise!

quEAR! schmoozed with ECHOS+NETZE the majority and listened to the echoes, which were generated by that. Our heart was the big chappel in the old hospital Bethanien. Workshops, audios und a live radiotransmission took place.

All infos about the artists, our support and the radio you will get here:
echosundnetze on facebook

We’re happy if you will join in further events of quEAR! Write to info [at]

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Call 2015 finished!

We’ve got a lot of exciting proposals to ECHOES AND NETS for the upcoming festival. Unfortunately so many, that we can’t present them all.

If you want to help us in realizing the festival write to: info at quear dot org! But, what the hell is quEAR! Here you get an answer, sorry, only in german:

(quEAR! thanks so Transgenderradio for this audio, we’ve shortend.)


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quEAR! went to Zwischenraum Festival

quEAR! took part with sounds in the Zwischenraum-Festival, which meant three days of fun, creativity and lived political alternative from Friday, September 12th 2014 to sunday, September 14th 2014. Zwischenraum means “space-in-between” and quEAR! is such a space. Zwischenraum wants to create an alternative to everyday life and a room for art and political participation: an open and heterogenous festival-weekend which you can all fill with your creative input!


We wish you all the best!


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quEAR! at the salon of the Schwules Museum*

On Monday 25.08.2014 quEAR! presented a selection of the programs of the previous quEAR! festivals at the salon of the Schwules Museum*. We listened to the shortstories, voices and sounds and talked about them afterwards! Thanks to Schwules Museum* and all our guests!

There was also the possibility to see the current exhibition at the Schwules Museum*.

Location: Lützowstraße 73, 10785 Berlin

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quEAR! at the 3. Lange Nacht der Diskriminierungsfreien Szenen für alle


quEAR! is this year again presenting sounds from the last festivals at the Lange Nacht of the Berlin network Diskriminierungsfreie Szenen für alle.
A network which seeks to address discrimination within the Berlin queer/LGBT community.

From 13. to 15.12.2013 we present different sound installations at the toilets of the Silverfuture, Tristeza, Tante Horst, Möbel Olfe and Luzia:

Every day you need to go to the lavatory. But which one? Toilets only for men and women? Or one more? Or one for everybody? Or to have one at all! Sounds for a better distribution of rest rooms!

You can view the complete program here.

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quEAR! at the Vaginale 2014

quEAR! presents Lady Norn’s Vadge of Honour – sounds from the festival 2011 –             at the Vaginale 2014 in Berlin.
February 2.-28. 2014 at Galerie Alpha Nova Futura in Berlin, Flutgraben 3.

Listen to the inside sounds and inside voices of one lady’s vagina!
Bust open the sex noise stereotypes of what a hot and bothered
and sexy woman sounds like!
This is experimental body based sound by Lady Norn!


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quEAR! rrrrrrresonates

Thanks to ALL gathering ears! quEAR! 2013 was THE island. slowly we’re going back to normal. Thanks to all participants, to the helping hands, to the guests. Thanks to our sponsors and our amazing hosts. quEAR! was in the future. To be continued. With you…


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